Great Ocean


The Great Ocean Walk (or GOW) is fast becoming as iconic as the road it is named after, making Apollo Bay one of the best places to hike the Great Ocean Road to hike. While you’re there, try these six other great bush walks that are local favorites. 카지노사이트

Hike1. Marengo to Wildlife Wonders

60 to 90 minutes (3.5km) one way or 7km return on same trail. Park (or get off there) in the Marengo Beach car park, right next to the Caravan Park. Take a stroll through Caravan Park and find the Great Ocean Walk starting at the very end on the west side of the park (look for the little yellow GOW signs). Continue the Great Ocean Walk west toward Cape Otway. This takes you along a well maintained, well signposted, hilly path that hugs the coast and takes you past two stunning beaches and stone steps through a coastal tea tree.

As the trail climbs and passes over Bald Hill. Take a moment to sit on a bench just past the top of the hill and look out along the coast. Just after the end of Bald Hill, when you come to a small stream crossing the path, look for the gate with the green Wildlife Wonders sign on the right. Cross the small crevice on the side of the door, walk a few meters and follow the path to the right that goes up into the gorge (the path is marked by the green arrow).

Follow the path up the gorge until you reach the predator enclosure at Wildlife Wonders. Follow the path straight along the fence, over the dam (ie inside the fence) and up the hill. You will need to watch your feet for the last 200m as this section of the trail is steep and gravel. The hike ends at the Wildlife Wonders parking lot. When you arrive at Wildlife Wonders, win a treat at Emu Café, the only café on the Great Ocean Walk.

Hike 2. Hike in Marengo Nature Reserve Easy

30 minute hike along fire trails and dirt roads. A hidden gem just 5 minutes drive from Apollo Bay, Marengo Nature Reserve is a small patch of moorland offering short walks perfect for morning walkers, children and even dogs (on leash). Driving south from Apollo Bay, turn onto Newcombe Street and park on the corner of Manly Street. You can then follow the dirt road to the gate that gives you access to the reserve and at the end of the loop walk back to your car along Manly Street.

The walk through the Marengo Nature Reserve follows several fire trails and is easy. It should only take around 30 minutes. But during this time you will be transported back to how Marengo and Apollo Bay might have been before European settlement. 60 acres of eucalyptus forest, heathland and wetlands provide great birding opportunities. And in the summer months the chance to see animals such as koalas, possums and even echidnas.

If you are more ambitious you can extend this walk by starting at Apollo Bay and following the coastal path to Marengo which is 3 km long and takes around 30 minutes each way. 온라인카지노사이트

Hike 3. Blanket Bay to Cape Otway Lighthouse on Great Ocean Walk

4 hours (10 km) each way from Blanket Bay Campground. This short section of the Great Ocean Walk can be completed in a day and offers coastal views on Cape Otway’s sheltered east side. The walk alternates between bushland where you can test your wildlife viewing skills and walks along coastal cliffs and beaches.

If you keep your eyes peeled in the coastal forests, you can spot echidnas, koalas and wallabies. As well as an abundance of bird species from kookaburras to cockatoos. Once out of the bush, head down to the beach to grab some sand between your toes and maybe even wade across the bay before climbing the 300 steps to the top of Parker Hill.

This is the most difficult part of this easy to moderate hike. From here you can admire the coastal panorama from the top to the lighthouse. Cape Otway Lighthouse is Australia’s oldest lighthouse, built in 1848 and visitors are welcome. Parking is available for the lighthouse to allow cars to be moved. Blanket Bay Campground’s 22 non-electric campsites can also be booked in advance, but please note that they are not caravan-friendly. Dogs are not allowed on the campsite or on walks.

Hike 4. Take a night hike from Wye River to Jamieson Creek

4.5 hours (11km return) with the option to pitch a tent at Jamieson Creek Campground (reservation required). A short half hour walk (30km north of Apollo Bay) is a nice walk parallel to the Great Ocean Road that allows you to enjoy the spectacular coastal views at a slower pace.

The main trail starts at the top of Olive Street at Separation Creek. You can park your car by the River Wye and then follow Paddy’s Path to Separation Creek which adds 1 mile to the trail. The route is moderately challenging as you travel through numerous streams and gorges. Climb almost to sea level and then climb through towering eucalyptus trees to the Southern Ocean for breathtaking views.

Storyboards along the way provide insight into the area’s history, and it’s also fascinating. To see how much the forest has regrown since the devastating 2015 bushfires at the Jamieson Creek campground. Set amidst coastal forests and towering eucalyptus trees, this campground offers basic bushland accommodation with flush toilets, communal fire pits and no electricity zones.

This is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a leisurely afternoon before heading back to the River Wye the next day. Please note that advance notice is required at the campsite and dogs are not allowed on the campsite or on walks. 바카라사이트

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